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"Innovations In Safety"
About NSC
Thank you for taking a few moments to
learn more about NSC and our fine safety
related products and services.

After spending several years as the
Corporate Vice-President of a company
specializing in hi-tech safety products, I
realized just how important safety really is
and just how unprepared most people
really are.  

It was this realization that motivated me to
unite a line of products and services that
would offer protection and preparedness to
the most important aspects of life.

I started a personal quest to find products
that would help with personal
preparedness and personal safety; child
safety; emergency response and readiness
and even financial safety.

What I ended up with, after almost a decade
of planning, testing, reviewing and
searching, was a collection of the best
safety related products and services
Message From Our President
The Company

NSC was officially established in Southern California in 2007, although it was conceptually created and has
been in development since 1999.  The company was created in response to the increasing need and
demand for safety related products and services in the American marketplace.  Safety continues to be a
growing concern for all Americans and NSC has embarked on a journey to meet our ultimate goal of
Making America A Safer Place.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple; unite dynamic, safety related products and services under one sales umbrella by
creating a one-stop safety shop for companies and individuals.  We believe that the current state of America
and the world make meeting this goal a serious priority.  The idea of safety is nothing new, in fact, safety
related products have been around for a long time.  What has become difficult for consumers is figuring
which products and services are the best and which are a waste of time and money.  The staff at NSC have
carefully reviewed and examined hundreds of safety related products and we have narrowed to field to only
the best of the best.  When you choose a product offered by NSC, you can be sure that what you are getting
is the very best!  

Consider what America is currently faced with: the growing epidemic of child abductions, whose
seriousness and frequency has been perpetuated by media coverage; the carnage in the aftermath of
natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquake in Japan; and the financially devastating
results caused by identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America and the world.  Our goal is to offer
solutions for those that wish to be prepared.

The NSC Products

Every one of the NSC Product Partners have gone through a rigorous screening process and the products
have been checked and tested to ensure that they are the best.  Consumers can be sure that when they buy
products through NSC, they are getting the best value and product for their money!
National Safety Corporation: Built On Experience & Quality