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Bluespan ionKids
Child Monitoring System
easily opened without a key, which comes with the Base Unit.

Wristags transmit a signal to the Base Unit from up to 350 feet when outdoors and up to 200 feet indoors.
Because it uses a point-to-point wireless communication system, the ionKids products do not rely on cell
towers or satellites to locate your child.  In addition there are NO monthly fees for using ionKids products.

Five times a second, the Base Unit communicates with each Wristag it is monitoring.  The Base Unit
determines the approximate distance the Wristags are from the Base Unit to see if any of the Wristags have
exceeded the range set by the parent.  Also, five times a second the Base Unit and Wristags change
frequencies on which they communicate making it nearly impossible for anyone else to monitor the
whereabouts of your child.  This also allows hundreds of Wristags to be in a close environment, such as a
mall or theme park, without signal collisions.  The underside of the Wristag is equipped with sensors that
detect if the Wristag has been removed.  If the Wristag is removed in an improper manner, it immediately
activates the Wristag alarm and sends a simultaneous "tamper" alarm to the Base Unit to warn parents.
The ionKids system consists of two components: a comfortable, unobtrusive bracelet
for the child to wear (the Wristag) and an easy to use Base Unit.

The Base Unit is a handheld device that is used by the parent or guardian to monitor
the location of the child wearing the Wristag. The Base Unit allows parents to monitor
up to four Wristags simultaneously.  Wristags are specially designed, tamper- and
water-resistant bracelets which are worn by a child. The Wristag is designed to be fun
to wear and requires no interaction on the part of the child. ionKids Wristags adjust to fit
snug against the child's skin, and contain a strong locking mechanism that cannot be

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Tag Holders allow the user to snap the technology module into a different
casing that can be hooked to a belt loop, purse strap or pet collar.  But
applications for ionTechnology don't stop with children or pets.  Using the
Tag Holder, persons responsible for adults with Alzheimer's disease now
have a new and better way to prevent adults from wandering away from
home or from a care facility.