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Devastation In Japan
Prepare For The Unexpected

The recent carnage in Japan has taught the world some very valuable lessons about being prepared for the
unexpected.  It has also taught the world even more important lessons about being prepared for something
that may actually be expected.  

The people of Japan are use to Earthquakes and the threat of Tsunami, which is one of the reasons that,
under the circumstances, there was not a much greater loss of life.  They were prepared, as individuals and
as a society.

For those living anywhere on this planet that may be subject to earthquakes, flooding, a tsunami or any
other type of severe weather or extreme condition...this is your wake up call!  Taking some basic steps of
preparation can mean the difference between being a survivor or a statistic.

When a tragedy like this strikes, it gives very little warning, if any at all.  You may literally only have a few
seconds to take action that will help ensure the survival of you and your family.  It is during the time before
an emergency that you have the opportunity to prepare.

Have an emergency first aid kit and an emergency  survival kit in your home, office and your car.  Make sure
to have enough supplies for a minimum of 3 days for each person in your household.  And don't forget
about your pets.  Be ready for them, because they obviously can't make those arrangements for themselves.
Tough Lessons Learned Through Tragedy