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National Safety Corporation: NSC Receives California Executive Department Memorial Day Proclamation
Vista, CA — As part of the day long celebration of the Operation Salute special event, Gerald Kostecka was presented with a State of California Executive
Department Memorial Day Proclamation from the Office of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.      

The special Memorial Day Proclamation was presented to Mr. Kostecka by Gilbert Acevedo, Administrator of the Veterans Home of California, who attended
the event as an official representative of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.   This honor was bestowed on Mr. Kostecka and NSC to
commemorate their sponsorship of this third Operation Connect special event, held in honor of Memorial Day.  The events included the original Operation
Connect, held in December 2005, Operation Love Connect, held February 2006 and Operation Salute, held on May 26, 2007.  During each event Marines
from the 1st LAR deployed in Iraq were able to see and hear their loved ones via a web conferencing system.  A fourth event, Operation Patriot, is
scheduled for June 30, 2007 in honor of the 4th of July.  

This was the second Operation Connect event that Mr. Acevedo was asked to attend on behalf of Governor Schwarzenegger.  Prior to the Operation Salute
event, he attended the Operation Love Connect event in February 2006.   “I was so impressed with the first event that when I was asked if I would be
interested in attending again, I jumped on the opportunity,” said Mr. Acevedo.  The special events have not only received interest from the Governor’s Office,
but also several other local community and civic leaders, including Vista City Council members and California State Assembly candidate Nathan Fletcher,
who is scheduled to attend the upcoming Operation Patriot event.

NSC is a professional marketing company based in Laguna Niguel, CA specializing in safety related products and services.  The company has partnered
with several safety product and service providers offering a comprehensive line of safety related products and services to both the commercial marketplace
and direct to consumers.  Their participation in this event is part of the company’s commitment to not only making America a safer place, but also to
support our military personnel protecting the freedom that makes America the greatest country in the world.  For more information visit www.