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National Safety Corporation: Operation Patriot
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Operation Patriot
Operation Patriot
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Operation Patriot
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Operation Patriot, held in honor of Independence Day, connected Marines deployed in Iraq with their loved
ones in California.  NSC is a proud sponsor and coordinator of these special events, which are a part of the
company's ongoing efforts to support our troops and local communities.  The event again gave Marines the
opportunity to have a live, face-to-face Internet based video conversation with loved ones here in the United

This fourth installment of the "Operation Connect" events was a huge success and connected almost 100
Marines with nearly 200 family members.  The event received widespread support, including that of the
Governor, California Assembly candidate Nathan Fletcher and U.S. Congressman and Presidential
candidate Duncan Hunter.  The event also captured the interest of the media, including the North County
Times, CBS & KTLA.  The Rotary Club of Vista and the Boys and Girls Club of Vista, hosted the local
“Connection Stations”, and contributed by providing the event location, valuable support services and
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