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Phantom Technologies
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Phantom Technologies iPhantom & iBoss.

As security needs are constantly on the rise, software solutions have been struggling to fulfill all the security
needs for a networked computer. Taking a tiered approach, hardware solutions have been combined with
software to provide network security at all levels.

Most advanced hardware security solutions to this day are expensive appliances that require constant
management and a high level of expertise. We have filled the gap by providing enterprise level security and
management at the hardware level for individual computers and networks at an affordable price.

The iPhantom™ and the iBoss™ are two different products with two different set of features. The set of
features on each unit are exclusive for that unit.  Below are some of the features that these products offer:

Anti-virus protection at the network packet level.
Spyware / Adware protection at the network packet level.
Firewall and Intrusion Protection at the hardware level.
Complete identity protection while using the Internet.
Anonymous and secure web access for all protocols under the IP layer.
Internet activity management.
Online content filtering services.
Plug-and-play devices requiring no software installations.