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                                  Sackmaster: An American Invention By An American Inventor

Mark Martinez was the first contestant chosen for the hit Simon Cowell show American
Inventor. Going all the way to the finals, Mark’s Sackmaster is an innovative shovel-like
device that allows you to fill sandbags in one fast easy step!  Designed to save time,
and ultimately lives, when sandbagging during floods and storms, now it is the newest
addition to the awesome NSC product line.

Mark Martinez, 43, is a self-employed handyman from Chino, California. He and his wife Traci have two
children and were forced to sell their previous house to support his invention. Mark and Traci have
designed and remodeled their new house themselves and enjoy working on it together. Mark was inspired
to create the first Sackmaster 17 years ago and it has been a passion of his ever since. It is Mark's hope
that NSC will introduce the Sackmaster to the world to help save lives and property in emergency situations.

                              Saving Hopes, Dreams And Lives One Sandbag At A Time
The Sackmaster is a proactive safety product designed to save time, energy and manpower
has many uses, the original design and function was to fill sandbags. Anyone who has ever
filled one knows it can be a strenuous and a time consuming job. The Sackmaster takes
this job and makes it faster and easier.

Sandbags are a critical barrier to slow down the flooding process and reduce the muck and
debris that enters homes, pools, and businesses.  Filling sandbags can be a tedious, time
consuming process...until the Sackmaster - The one-man, one-scoop sandbag shovel.  An
ergonomically designed hollow handled shovel that allows the shoveled material to be
instantly deposited into an attached bag.  It can also be used for sacking grain, leaves, etc.
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Special Sackmaster Presented To
NSC & Signed By American Inventor
$50,000 Prize Winner Mark Martinez
Gerald Kostecka &
Mark Martinez
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