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"Innovations In Safety"
National Safety Corporation: American Inventor $50,000.00 Winner Added To NSC Product Line
Tustin, CA— The National Safety Corporation announced on July 14, 2007 that a strategic business relationship has been established with California
based MANT Enterprises, the makers of the Sackmaster one-man sandbagging shovel.  The Sackmaster came to the attention of Gerald Kostecka, as a
result of his interest in the first season airing of the American Inventor show.  "As a company that specializes in the sales and marketing of innovative
products, the American Inventor show captured my interest," Gerald said in a recent interview.  "I thought there might be a chance to see some new and
innovative safety related products that may fit into our model.  I was extremely impressed with the Sackmaster for its simplicity, the safety benefits it offers
consumers and for the sincere passion expressed by the product inventor, Mark Martinez."

Mr. Kostecka contacted Mr. Martinez to discuss the possibility of NSC becoming a Distribution Agent for MANT Enterprises and for the Sackmaster product
to become the latest addition to the already impressive NSC inventory of safety related products and services.  After only a few phone calls, some detailed
email correspondence, a little due diligence on behalf of both companies and a face to face meeting, both Mr. Martinez and Mr. Kostecka were in
agreement that this strategic business relationship was a great move.  "The addition of the Sackmaster to the NSC product line is an excellent move for
NSC, as well as MANT Enterprises," said Kostecka.  "We believe that the product is perfect for our customers in regions of the country that are affected by
floods and other storms.  At the same time, MANT Enterprises will be provided with experienced sales and marketing direction."  Gerald added, "This is a
win-win situation for everyone and I am thrilled to be working with Mr. Martinez and MANT Enterprises.      

MANT Enterprises is headed by the company president, Mr. Mark Martinez, who was one of 12 finalist in season one of the hit television show American
Inventor, where his Sackmaster was introduced to the American marketplace.  Based on his innovative invention and his passion for using it to help others,
Mr. Martinez was the very first inventor selected to move forward and eventually went far enough in the competition to be awarded $50,000.00 in prize money
to further develop his product.

NSC is a professional marketing company based in Laguna Niguel, CA specializing in safety related products and services.  The company has partnered
with several safety product and service providers offering a comprehensive line of safety related products and services to both the commercial marketplace
and direct to consumers.