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National Safety Corporation: Danger of a Stranger
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Special Focus On Empowering A Child with Abduction Prevention Information

1. Share a secret code word.  You and your parents should agree on a code word that is easy for you to
remember. This way, if anyone tells you that you need to come with them because your parents were hurt or
are in the hospital, you can ask them for the code word. If they really are a friend, they will know the code
word that you and your parents share. If they do not know the code word, you should run away from them as
fast as possible.

2. Stay away from strangers.  Who is a stranger? If you've seen someone hanging around your playground
at school or in your neighborhood, this does not mean that you know him or her. Although he has a familiar
face, he is still a stranger to you!

3. Grownups should NOT ask kids to do things that other adults can do for them.  This means that you
should not go, or get in a car, with an adult who, for example, asks you for directions. Grownups should not
ask you to help them find a lost puppy or kitten, either. If someone does ask for your help, say, "Wait here
and I'll check with my mom." Then go get your mom.

4. If you lose your parents in a public place like a store or a park, do not go looking for them.  Immediately
ask someone who works there to help you find them. Tell them you have been separated from your parents
and you need help finding them.

5. Always ask your parents or a grownup in charge before:

* going anywhere with anybody;
* leaving the yard, play area, or going into someone's home;
* getting a ride home with someone other than your bus driver or your usual ride; and/or
* getting into a car or going somewhere with somebody even if it's someone you know!!

6. Once you have permission from your parents:

* Tell them where you are going
* Tell them how you will get there
* Tell them who will be going with you
* Tell them when you will be back
* And get back on time or call to let them know when you will be back!

7. If someone follows you on foot or in a car, STAY AWAY.  You do NOT need to go near the car to talk to the
people inside.